International research expedition “Taimyr-2010”

International research expedition “Taimyr-2010” Taimyr

Russian-Swedish research expedition “Taimyr-2010” was carried out during 10 July- 20 August, 2010 in the area northward of the Khatanga village. 12 scientists from five countries (Russia, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, U.K.) took part in the expedition. The participants on the Russian side were the scientists from the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI), All-Russian Institute of Geological Research (VSEGEI), Geological Research Institute (GIN, Moscow).

The purpose of the work was to study the tectonic evolution of the Arctic polar area, study of glacial stratigraphy and chronology of the southern Taimyr.

Our company staff provided complete logistic support for the expedition, including selection of the best routing for delivery of scientists and expedition cargo to the work sites, booking of air tickets and hotel accommodation, sub-contracting with transportation companies, purchase of food-stuffs and expedition equipment and its delivery to the field sites. During the period of expedition a member of our company was staying permanently in the village of Khatanga coordinating the work and dealing with all the matters relating to moving out the geological samples. The expedition work was fulfilled in due time and in full.


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