International research expedition “Taimyr-2012”

International research expedition “Taimyr-2012” International research expedition “Taimyr-2012”

The purpose of the joint Russian-Swedish expedition to Taimyr in 2012 was to collect a new data on the geology aspects of the Taimyr Peninsula. The studies were carried out in the two directions: study of quaternary deposits in the peninsula and study of paleotypal rocks for a better understanding of the role of Taimyr Peninsula in Eurasian tectonic evolution. Participants of the project were: Swedish Polar Research Secretariat (SPRS), State Institution Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute of Roshydromet, State Nature Reserve “Taimyrskyi”, St.Petersburg University, Lund University (Sweden), Tallinn Technical University (Estonia).

The expedition work was performed by two independent research groups from 5 July to 25 August, 2012 at the sites located in river valleys to the north-west of Khatanga village.

Our staff was dealing with all necessary preparative work and logistic support for the expedition, including booking of air tickets and hotel accommodation, leasing of helicopters, ships, motor transport in the area of operations, purchase of all necessary field equipment and its delivery to the work site (tents, sleeping bags, motor boats, generators, utensils, etc), food-stuffs, and also transportation of samples from the work sites. Our staff was also responsible for selection of the best routing and means of transportation for delivery of expedition members to the work sites and rotation of the field groups, in accordance with the research program. Throughout the entire period of expedition two our staff members were staying in the Khatanga village coordinating the work. The expedition program was fulfilled in due time and in full which showed high professional level of our staff in logistics.

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