The INTAARI Co.Ltd. was established by members of the company, as a result of reorganization of the heritage-company INTAARI starting its record from 1992, when a joint Soviet-Canadian enterprise “INTAARI” was formed on the premises of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI, Leningrad). Its initial purpose was to apply Canadian radar technologies in ice reconnaissance operations with airborne radar on the Northern Sea Route, and also to produce scientific research equipment using the AARI experimental workshops. The company was soon headed by Alexey Turchin. After reorganization of the company in 1995, Alexey Turchin became the Director General and eternal head of the company for the next seventeen years, from 1995 to 2012. It was him who started to arrange, using ALCI (Cape Town, RSA) as Operator, the inter-continental flights from Cape Town to ice aerodrome of Novolazarevskaya station in Antarctica by aircraft IL-76. Beginning with 2001 the flights were fulfilled on a regular basis and supported the DROMLAN international corporative air network, which includes the 11 National Antarctic programs working in the area of the Dronning Maud Land in Antarctica.

In February, 2012, the INTAARI company was reorganized. One part of the team, under ALCI administration, continues operations in support of the DROMLAN project in Antarctica, while the other part has turned to the projects supporting scientific and tourist expeditions in the Arctic area. Both teams are operating independently, on the non-compete basis.

This site pertains to the INTAARI Co.Ltd. established in 2012 by the members of the company possessing long-term experience of operations in the Arctic and Antarctic areas, wintering at Russian Antarctic stations, research operations at  the “North Pole” drifting stations, expeditions to Taimyr, Kamchatka and the islands of the Arctic Ocean. Vast experience and knowledge accumulated by our staff during many years of polar operations is a great contribution to success in preparation and realization of the projects for logistic support of any polar activity in any polar areas.