Expedition to Lena River Delta “Lena-2013”

Expedition to Lena River Delta “Lena-2013” Дельта реки Лена

After several days of forced delay due to extremely difficult ice conditions in the Vilkitsky Strait the vessel Dalnie Zelentsy, with icebreaker assistance, successfully arrived to the port of Tiksi on Friday, August 30.

The next day, upon completion of all required border control procedures, the members of Russian-German research expedition “Lena-2013” and their scientific equipment were loaded on board the vessel.

Early in the morning of September, 1 Dalnie Zelentsy left for the voyage to the sites of research operations. The representatives of our company widely participated in all operations for loading the expedition onboard and the vessel’s departure from Tiksi.

The scientists bored with long waiting started their scientific investigations enthusiastically immediately after departure.