Expedition to the Franz Joseph Land ended

Expedition to the Franz Joseph Land ended A view in the area of FJL.

The multipurpose research expedition to the area of FJL carried out onboard R/V Polaris by representatives of the “Russian Arctic” National Park, Russian Geographic Society, US National Geographic Society and foreign scientists is coming to its end. The research program included studies of flora and fauna at the islands, hydrological, glaciological, and other scientific investigations. One of the main expedition tasks was to give a comprehensive picture of contemporary situation in ecosystems of the FJL archipelago.

Polaris visited the Alexandra Land, Northbrook Island, Luigi Island, Hooker Island, Cape Flora, Tikhaya Bay. It is worth noting that in early August the Bay was visited by a large group of Chinese tourists who, besides visiting the sites of interest, took part in collection of garbage. The administration of the “Russian Arctic” thanked them for their volunteer actions.

The visit to Northbrook Island was connected with organization of future ecological tourist tracks to Cape Flora.

Now, R/V Polaris is on her way back to Murmansk, the expected date of arrival is September 1, 2013. A representative of our company has been working onboard the vessel throughout the entire period of expedition.