Expedition “Lena-2013” was successfully completed

Expedition “Lena-2013” was successfully completed R/V Dalnie Zelentsy in Tiksi

In mid-September, the German-Russian research expedition to Lena River Delta - “Lena-2013”, was successfully completed.

Despite of all the problems connected with abnormal severe ice conditions on the route of navigation to the site of research operations and the time loss due to delayed flight by Yakutsk airlines, the program of expedition has been fully implemented. The expedition team has arrived safely back home by plane, while the expedition equipment and scientific materials are on the way to Murmansk with R/V Dalnie Zelentsy. From Murmansk the expedition cargo will be transported by our company to St.Petersburg for further processing. For today, the vessel has passed the most unfavorable segment of the route –the Vilkitsky Strait, and is now moving in ice-free area. The expected date of arrival to Murmansk is 22-23 September.

Departure of R/V Dalnie Zelentsy from Tiksi
Departure for the work station
Research work
Expedition Senior Managers
Arrival of R/V Dalnie Zelentsy in Tiksi
Scientific Research