Expedition to Lena River Delta “Lena-2013”

Expedition to Lena River Delta “Lena-2013” Cудно «Дальние Зеленцы»

On August 10, 2013 the R/V Dalnie Zelentsy chartered by our company for German-Russian expedition “Lena-2013” left Murmansk for the Arctic voyage. The vessel will sail along the Arctic coastline from Murmansk to Tiksi where she will take onboard a group of Russian and German scientists who plan to perform research work in Lena River Delta and adjacent islands. The expedition includes 10 scientists from AWI (Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany), 8 research workers from AARI (Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, St.Petersburg) and 4 MMBI specialists (Murmansk). During 10 days the scientists will be conducting multidisciplinary studies of the environment in the above area, using the ship.

The vessel Dalnie Zelentsy is scheduled to arrive to the area of study in the second half of August. One of our specialists is staying onboard the vessel to coordinate the route of navigation in difficult ice areas and to ensure timely arrival of the ship to Tiksi.