ААНИИ — Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (St.Petersburg, Russia)

International government structure:
Swedish Polar Research Secretariat (Sweden)
Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (Germany)
Norwegian Polar Institute
Finnish Institute of Marine Research
Polish Academy of Science
Swedish Academy of Science
Russian Academy of Science, Marine Archaeological Center
Technical Research Center Archangelskgeologia (Russia)
Russian-USA Antarctic expedition “Weddell-1”
Technical Research Center "SHELF" (Russia)
Murmansk Shipping Co (Russia)
Goscomhydromet, TSNII "Gidropribor” (Russia)
Murmansk Marine Biological Institute

News agency

Private companies:
QUARKExpeditions (USA)
MarineExpeditions (Canada)
Hamilton Oil Company Ltd. (England)
INTERA (Canada)

Alexey Nagaev (photography)