Arctic tourism

A tour beyond the polar circle will allow you to see and feel the beauty of the areas inaccessible to ordinary tourists. Geographical, climatic, environmental and sometimes even political conditions in these areas do not allow to arrange an independent trip, just buying an air ticket.
Air tickets to these destinations are just not in sale. Remote and isolated location of these territories is not the only problem. Permissions to visit these unique natural enclaves are difficult to obtain, sometimes it takes up to 6 months to coordinate a permit for entering specially protected areas. Detailed logistic support and planning of the route might require heaps of documentation.
An Arctic tour is always a luxury product which can be offered both for expedition groups and individual tourists who travel by specially prepared itineraries. The Arctic season is short: 3-4 months a year, sometimes, even less, in case of difficult ice conditions.
That is why Arctic tours should be reserved and planned well in advance. Nevertheless, you are welcome to join our expeditions even in the last moment if places available.
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